Application Development

What We Do.

Mobile Applications are getting popular for all the businesses. Recent studies shows that people tend to use mobiles more than anything. On an average we use mobile for more than 10+ hours in a day. This is how we can take advantage of the users who buys stuff from online apps.

We make easier to manage your businesses through our mobile apps. You can showcase your business or even sell products or services through your mobile app.

Our tailor made services ensure that a dedicated Designer/Developer is provided throughout your project so that you can make changes anytime. We focus on your requirements very closely and make sure they are fulfilled.

We have several types of Application development work according to your requirements.

  • Develop completely new Application.
  • Update/Upgrade your current Application.
  • AMC for your Application.
  • App Stor Optimization (ASO) for your Application.

We are constantly upgrading ourself with the latest technologies. We make sure all the products are compatible with the latest versions of the OS. All the apps are backward compatible so you don't have to worry about older phones. Use our AMC service to manage your app with us. We constantly monitor your app for any time of malfunction. Our workflow for developing app is very simple yet effective.

The Process we use are as follows :

  • CONCEPTUALIZATION : Conceptualize your app according to the requirements.
  • FEASIBILITY : We will check if it's doable or not.
  • DESIGN : Give clients options for their app design.
  • DEVELOPMENT : Development after designing is done.
  • TESTING : Once it developed, it goes for testing.
  • DEPLOYMENT : After our testing team approves, app is deployed.

Types of Applications.

There are different types of apps platform which serve your purpose differently. For example if you want app to be fully functional and have good amount of budget then we suggest to use Native App. If you want to have light weight app which serves the purpose of showcasing your business then we suggest to use Web App. If you want something which is more than web app but you have limited time and resources then use Hybrid App.

We develop both Android & iOS apps. You can also choose to combine cross platform app to save on resources and time. Single development for both Android & iOS apps.

We focus on Quality and not Quantity. Each projects take several hours of dedication and hardwork to develop these websites.

We have several types of App development work according to your requirements.

  • Native Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

Our Apps are user friendly and easy to manage. Websites needs less updation in general on the other hand apps needs to be updated more frequently. We have comprehensive plan which covers all the updates for your app throughout the year. Below is a guide on how you can choose between different platforms for developing your app.

If you absolutely must have an app in the shortest amount of time possible, then you need to invest in building a web app. Not only will one codebase drastically speed up development time, but it will also mean that your users already have what they need to use it: a mobile browser.

If time and money are not on your side, then consider either a web app or a hybrid app. The hybrid app gives you a chance to test the market with a minimum viable product that can be in the hands of users within a few months. And if successful, you can decide to build a full-fledged native version later on.

If performance is of the utmost importance, then there’s no way around it: you need to develop a native app. This type of app will give you the speed, stability, and customization features you deem crucial to your success.

Crafted with care

Our projects are crafted with love and care based on clients requirements.

24/7 Tech Support

We respond to your queries almost everyday and try to solve it ASAP.

Custom Built

Our projects are tailor made and serves customisation to its extent.

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Basic Plan

Starting Business
  • Simple UI
  • 1 Year Support
  • Web/Hybrid App
  • Admin Panel
  • Basic ASO

Premium Plan

Higher Business
  • Premium Design
  • Native App
  • Admin Panel with tracking
  • Premium ASO & support
  • Unlimited Updates

* Terms & Conditions apply.